Chess Club is back!

Starting tomorrow, Miss Mullin and Mr Crossland (volunteer) will be using to run our after school chess club from 3pm-4pm every Tuesday.

Several pupils already have accounts, so they are automatically members of our online club.

If your child would like to learn or improve their chess by joining our club, please send Miss Mullin an email at: and we’ll get you set up. will allow our pupils to learn at their own pace, whenever suits families, but also gives the option of fast, ‘live’ tournaments with our chess club. This week we’ll play whoever is online, but once we have our new members signed up we can try an online tournament, just for pupils at our school.

Our first competition is to see who can earn the most stars between now and next Tuesday (12th May.)

Parents, please see the safety features article and film clip below, plus FAQ documents for the pupils.

Kind regards,

Miss Mullin


6 thoughts on “Chess Club is back!

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