Farewell P7, Class of 2020

This week, the P7s finished creating a Yearbook to help them remember their last year at primary school. You can read it by clicking the link(s) below. (The audio and video files can be slow to load.)

Glenurquhart Primary 7 Yearbook 2020Click to read this book, made with Book Creatorhttps://read.bookcreator.com

On Tuesday, the P7s came back to school to collect their belongings and their leavers gifts from the Parent Council. This also gave them the chance to snap a couple of photos.

Yesterday, we celebrated the end of term with an online party. At the end, Mrs Laird was delighted to award Thomas and Christa with the P7 Citizenship Award. This award recognises two pupils who have been responsible citizens and who have made significant contributions to the life of the school. Many Congratulations Thomas and Christa!

Mrs Laird also surprised Miss Mullin with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the P7 Parents!

Dear P7 Families,

I have greatly appreciated your kind words, patience and generosity over the last seven years. Your lovely words, emails, cards, gifts and flowers mean so much. As you probably know, saying goodbye to this very special group of children (especially in these circumstances) has been hard for all of us, but I know that they are ready for high school and will be very well looked after by my colleagues at GUHS.

Have a happy, healthy and safe summer.

With love and best wishes,

Kirstine Mullin



The P7s are holding a virtual end of term party on Thursday morning at 11am.

They would like to wear their P7 leavers hoodies, eat a celebratory snack, listen to music, and play a couple of party games. We hope to have some guests dropping in to say goodbye too.

This will be accessed through the P7 Google Classroom class video meeting link. Fingers crossed that all the P7s can join in (broadband/Wifi allowing!)

Chrome Book Covers

For those of you that couldn’t bring your Chrome Book Cover with you today, you can leave them at the school front door 9am-2pm tomorrow, or hand them in during the first week back after the holidays.

The Chrome Book covers were purchased by the Parent Council and we hope to hand them on for next year’s P6s to use.

Last week of P7!

On Tuesday, the P7s need to bring their Chrome Book covers to hand back to the school. They can then collect their belongings and leavers gift(s) and allow Miss Mullin to bid them a very fond farewell (albeit a physically distanced one.)

Weather permitting, Miss Mullin will hang lost property on the fence, for ease of checking and collection.

The P7s have decided to have a virtual end of term party on Thursday. Please note that this will be at 11am, which is a bit earlier than they are used to.

The suggested activities for this week can be found below (as well as in the P7 Google Classroom.)

P7 Leavers Gifts

When our P7s collect their belongings (and drop off their Chrome Book cases) on Tuesday, they will each receive a gift from Glenurquhart Primary School Parent Council. The Parent Council have bought each of our P7s a Casio Scientific Calculator, as recommended by our colleagues at Glen Urquhart High School. This will be an important piece of equipment for their secondary education.

We are hugely grateful to our Parent Council for their ongoing support and generosity, and to Lynn Milton (Chairperson) for organising the purchase of the calculators.

P7 Whose Shoes?

In our very own version of this quiz, Miss Mullin needs your help to find the owners of 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of leggings. Please send me a quick email if you recognise these!

3 unnamed pairs of outdoor shoes are missing their owners…
Mystery leggings, found in the cupboard. They may have been in school for a LONG time…

The mystery of the P7 water bottles…

These water bottles were left by the P7 sink or in the P7 cloakroom. Miss Mullin cannot remember who they belong to. Does anyone recognise them?

Miss Mullin also found these items in the cloakroom and classroom. Who do they belong to?

Does anyone have a single glove languishing at home? Or a caseless Chrome Book?

“Lost and Found department illustration” ID 73962436 © Zkruger | Dreamstime.com

Virtual Transition Week!

As Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings will involve a lot of time on video calls with GUHS staff, I have deliberately suggested low-tech options for the remainder of the time this week. I have also cancelled our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday P7 class video calls. Today (Monday) the class video meeting will go ahead as normal.

As always, these are simply suggestions. The timetable for the week is here:

The list of 20 screen-free activities is here:

(These are also posted in the P7 Google Classroom.)

Using the Book Creator site, the P7s are currently creating their P7 yearbook. Please let me know if your son/daughter requires any support with this.

This morning, P7 parents will receive an email about collecting the pupils’ property in the last week of term.

We hope to hold a Virtual P7 Party during our Class Video Meeting on the last day of term – P7s are asked to contribute their ideas/suggestions in the P7 Google Classroom.

I wish all the P7s an enjoyable Virtual Transition Week!

Best wishes,

Miss Mullin

Monday 15th – Friday 19th June

Please see this week’s suggested activities below (and/or in the P7 Google Classroom)

Please can I remind P7s to log in and complete registration in the P7 Google Classroom by 11am every morning? Thank you!

GUHS PSAs will join our class video meetings on Thursday and Friday. This week is the last time we will have a Class Video Meeting on a Friday.