Virtual Transition Week!

As Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings will involve a lot of time on video calls with GUHS staff, I have deliberately suggested low-tech options for the remainder of the time this week. I have also cancelled our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday P7 class video calls. Today (Monday) the class video meeting will go ahead as normal.

As always, these are simply suggestions. The timetable for the week is here:

The list of 20 screen-free activities is here:

(These are also posted in the P7 Google Classroom.)

Using the Book Creator site, the P7s are currently creating their P7 yearbook. Please let me know if your son/daughter requires any support with this.

This morning, P7 parents will receive an email about collecting the pupils’ property in the last week of term.

We hope to hold a Virtual P7 Party during our Class Video Meeting on the last day of term – P7s are asked to contribute their ideas/suggestions in the P7 Google Classroom.

I wish all the P7s an enjoyable Virtual Transition Week!

Best wishes,

Miss Mullin


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