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Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

Joyeuses vacances d’octobre !

Happy October Holidays!

Thank you P7, for all your hard work and kindness this term.

Thanks to everyone for all your support of our class and our school.

See you on Monday 28th October!

If you haven’t already returned them, please can you bring back your art key assessment task, profile jotter and profile folder on the first day back? Merci!


Our partner school in France

Today we received our first communication from our partner school in France. It is called “Renaudel A.” It is a primary school in Montrouge, which is on the southern outskirts of Paris.

Renaudel A has 220 pupils in 9 classes, but 4 of them will join in with our twinning project. P7 has been matched up with Madame Foe-Ayida’s CM2 class (10 year olds.)

There are 7 primary schools in Montrouge, including Renaudel A and Renaudel B!

To find out more about Montrouge, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montrouge

This morning, we prepared short introductions in French and English, which Miss Mullin filmed.

Next week, Miss Mullin is going to visit our partner school and will show the video clips to Madame Foe-Ayida’s CM2 class.

French and Gaelic

On Monday afternoon, the Gaelic class and P5, and P6 and P7 joined forces to do complete language learning activities in French and Gaelic.

The French activities were about greetings, numbers and emotions. We learned a greetings rap, played number bingo (for prizes!) and used prompt cards to talk about our feelings.

Bravo à tous !

Why is creativity important?

Last Friday, P7 worked in teams to work out what creativity means to them, when we use it and why it is important. We shared our thoughts at our whole school assembly that day.

On Wednesday, P7 completed a Pupil Learning Council survey about creativity using their Chromebooks.

Can you help?

Next term, P7 are having a careers fortnight looking at jobs associated with history, archaeology, stone masonry and building preservation from Monday 2nd – Friday 13th December 2019.

If you work in one of these areas, would you be willing to visit our P7 class for about 45 minutes, or would you consider being interviewed by a trio of pupils for half an hour? This would provide our pupils with positive role models and invaluable first-hand information and inspiration! We are happy to support the children to conduct telephone or email interviews if a face-to-face visit isn’t possible.

Pupils will create a presentation to share their learning with the rest of the school during the last week of term. You are welcome to attend! We will also post some of the presentations on this blog.

In previous years we have focussed on food, hospitality and tourism and STEM related jobs. This is the first time we have examined jobs associated with preserving our built and cultural heritage – areas which our P7s are particularly interested in!

Any help would be very much appreciated,

Kind regards,

Miss Mullin

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

On Wednesday afternoon, Katie Jeffs (Senior Network Librarian – North Area/Digital for High Life Highland) showed us how to access https://www.britannica.com/ via the https://www.highlifehighland.com/libraries/ website. We had a look at the range of information available and discussed the benefits of using websites like this for research.

We really enjoyed Katie’s visit and hope to work with her again soon.

Can your child recall 3 of the benefits of using Encyclopedia Britannica to look up information?

Cnocan Burraidh Heritage Project

On Tuesday afternoon, Nicky MacLennan introduced us to the Cnocan Burraidh Heritage Project. She exlained the purpose and significance of the site as a memorial and private burial ground for the Grant family.

We explored the burial site and examined the gravestones.

We managed to find 27 of the 31 graves. We’ll discover more about the individuals buried there in the new year.

When we got back to the classroom, we compared maps using the https://maps.nls.uk/ site. We discovered that hand drawn maps differ quite a bit from satellite images.

Next term we’ll find out more about all the different roles and jobs needed on a restoration project like this.

A huge thank you to Nicky for a fascinating afternoon!