Mon 4th – Thurs 7th May

Good morning P7s and families!  I hope you are all well.

This week sees our first “Virtual Transition” event: a question and answer session with Mr Humphris from Glen Urquhart High School. This will take part during our usual Class Video Meeting on Thursday at 12noon. We’re hoping that as many of the P7s as possible will be able to attend. Mrs Woodhouse and Mrs Brown will be joining us in coming weeks too.

P7s, please remember to register every day by 11am. 

Parents: please can you ensure that your child joins us for emotional check-in (via our Class Video Meeting) at least once per week. If this will cause any difficulties, please email Mrs Laird:

Highland Council guidelines are that you should aim to do 25-30 minutes per day of maths, reading and writing, with as much time spent on physical and creative activities as you want!

You DO NOT need to do EVERYTHING on your Chrome Book ~ use your maths pack, jotters, paper and pencil for any activities you wish.

If you are looking for more/different things to do, remember to check the Family Learning section of our school website.

Suggested weekly timetable and activities for P7 ~ Mon 4th – Thurs 7th May (Term 4 Week 4)

MonPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot Look, cover, write, check & sentences (Google Classroom)Writing: Weekly Diary OR Free Writing (in jotter or on paper)Core Reading (Giglets)    12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)French Culture Assignment (Google Classroom)Art & Design: Character Expressions  (Google Classroom)Maths: Angles Mrs McLean (Google Classroom)       
TuesPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot Rainbow Spelling (Google Classroom)Reading for Pleasure (own book or Epic, Giglets, HLH)Numeracy: Money (Google Classroom)Sciences: Mrs Mann (Google Classroom)Global Citizenship: Dinnertime 360 (Google Classroom)Transition questions for Mr Humphris (Google Classroom)Screencastify Training (Google Classroom)
WedPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot Rhyming Words (Google Classroom)Maths: Logic Problems (Google Classroom)Core Reading (Giglets)12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)RME: Free Will & Determinism Mrs McLean (Google Classroom)“Wonder of the Week” (in yellow jotter or Google Classroom)  Food and Drink Lockdown Challenge (see class blog)
ThursPhysical Activity: Mr Berrett (Google Classroom)Spelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot Word Scrambles (Google Classroom)“Right of the Week” (see school website)Core Reading (Giglets)* 12noon Transition talk with Mr Humphris * (Class Video Meeting)Gaelic Mrs James (Google Classroom)Numeracy: Measure Mrs James (Google Classroom) 

The Right of the Week material can be found here:

Details of the food and drink lockdown challenge can be found here:


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