European Day of Languages

On Monday 23rd September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages early (before we went to Loch Insh.)

We did different activities to practise describing our feelings and emotions in French, before designing different flag labels and learning how to say “Hello” or “Good afternoon” in a range of different European languages. proved to be a useful site for this. We explored the Duolingo website and joined Miss Mullin’s Duolingo classroom.

On our sponsored walk, we were able to greet visitors in many different languages!


Art & Design: Pointillism

P7 have been busy applying their knowledge of Pointillism in order to create their own piece of art. They will be able to take home their pictures to show you next week. The P7s are looking forward to finding out what you think of their creations!

Wellies and Waterproofs needed tomorrow!

As Mrs Laird explained in the school newsletter, we are going to be learning about the restoration of Cnocan Burraidh (opposite the school.) This is a project supported by Soirbheas and run by Glen Urquhart Community Council.

More information can be found here:

Tomorrow afternoon, P7 will be introduced to the history of the monument. They will use the National Library for Scotland website ( to look at maps of the site. We’ll visit the monument and start to record the site using digital photography.

As the site is accessed through the field, conditions are likely to be muddy underfoot – P7 have been reminded to bring waterproof trousers, jackets and wellies to wear in the afternoon!

Loch Insh Day 4

After a very busy start to the day emptying rooms & stripping beds we had a super morning learning archery with our instructors Alex & Eilidh.

We also worked on team and class problem solving. We had to agree our roles and communicate clearly to succeed.

After lumch, we had fun in the park and fed the friendly ducks before travelling home.

Thanks P7 for your hard work, perseverance, helpfulness and sense of humour. You have made Miss MacDonald and Miss Mullin (and your families) very proud. 🙂

Loch Insh Day 3

This morning, the Lions skied while the Tigers went Mountain Biking. Yet again, it was impressive how quickly the P7s improved at skiing, because of their effort and persistence.

The conditions were ideal for windsurfing today. The pupils worked in pairs and achieved great success!

At the end of the session, we had a few minutes to have some fun in the loch. 🙂

At dinner time, the Boathouse Restaurant staff helped us celebrate a certain young man’s 11th birthday!

Our evening activity was canoeing – this proved to be more challenging than people expected – but we all managed to stay dry and enjoy the views as the sun set. 🙂

Loch Insh Day 2

This morning, we learned how to windsurf and practised on a simulator on dry land. We had to recall lots of new vocabulary and sequence several steps. We coached each other – there are definitely some outdoors instructors in the making in our class!

The wind dropped once we all had our wetsuits on, so we ended up doing a bit of paddleboarding instead.

After lunch, the Lions went mountain biking whilst the Tigers were taught to ski by James. We found skiing a real physical challenge and we were all exhausted by the end! It was great to see so many P7s persevering despite all the falls. Many of them challenged themselves to attempt the ski jump at the end of the session!

The Lions had a great time mountain biking with Miss MacDonald, Mrs Laird, Richie and Jess.

In the evening, the Lions and the Tigers competed against each other to make, and build a raft. Some of them were able to recall the knot tying skills they learned with Sandra in Craigmonie Woodland. P7 worked well within their teams throughout the task, coaching and encouraging each other. They ended up racing in dim light!

Loch Insh Day 1

P7’s first activity this afternoon was Kayaking with our instructors Jess and James. We learned useful paddle skills before playing games to build our confidence. We then went out on the loch! It was great to see the P7s challenging themselves and supporting each other.

The P7s were thoroughly impressed by the Boat House Restaurant staff and food! They all ate a hearty evening meal and are looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

The evening activity was Wayfinding / Orienteering at dusk. The P7s enjoyed being able to use their various head torches and hand torches. They scoured the site to find up to 9 different markers. The most effective trios all took time to study the map in advance and had clear roles within their trio.

Nearly time to use our headtorches…

Back at our common room, we enjoyed deluxe hot chocolates and some chill out time before recording our video diaries and going to bed! We look forward to welcoming Mrs Laird tomorrow.