18th – 22nd May

Suggested weekly timetable and activities for P7 ~ Mon 18th – Fri 22nd May

Mon18thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Writing: Weekly Diary or “Letter from Lockdown” activity (in jotter or on paper)Core Reading (Giglets)  12noonEmotional Check-in(Class Video Meeting)French: l’alphabet(Google Classroom)Art & Design: Museum challenge (Google Classroom)Maths: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom
Tues19th NBChessClub3pmPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Social Studies/Literacy:Personal ProjectNumeracy: Money &/or Maths Pack ActivityEmotional Check-in via Google Chat: GUPS P7 roomSciences: Mrs Mann will post in Google ClassroomReading for pleasureDigital Literacy ~Check that your Dynamic Learning username and password works (Google Classroom)
Wed 20thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Maths: Logic Problems (Sudoku) &/or Maths Pack ActivityCore Reading (Giglets)12noon Virtual Transition Event with Ms Brown (PT Pupil Support at GUHS)(Class Video Meeting)RME: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom“Wonder of the Week” (in yellow jotter or Google Classroom)  
Thurs21stPhysical Activity:Mr Berrett(Google Classroom)Spelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)“Article of the week” (Google Classroom)Core Reading (Giglets)12noonEmotional Check-in(Class Video Meeting)Gaelic: Mrs James will post in Google ClassroomMaths: Mrs James will post in Google Classroom 
Fri22ndPhysical ActivitySpelling: Dictations (mild/spicy/hot) (Google Classroom)10:30Emotional Check-in(Class Video Meeting)Profiling: What stuck with me this week? (Term 4 week 6)Numeracy: Place Value Revision (Google Classroom) &/or Maths Pack ActivityFree Writing Friday(in jotter, on paper, Book Creator or Google Doc, could also include “Letter from Lockdown” activity.)Social Studies/Literacy:Personal Project&/or Reading for pleasure 

Please note the transition event on Wednesday.


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