Mon 25th – Fri 29th May

Thanks to all the P7s for their continued patience, kindness, enthusiasm and hard work. We really appreciate it!

Just to be clear, these are SUGGESTIONS for each day. We are hoping that the P7s can do some physical activity, something creative and half an hour of reading, writing and maths every day, and attend AT LEAST ONE class video meeting per week. We know that circumstances vary from week to week – please don’t worry if not a lot of school work can be done for any reason.

There will be another “Virtual Transition Event” (as part of our usual class video meetings) this Thursday at 12noon. This week we’ll meet 5 of the GUHS PSAs!

As ever, please email Miss Mullin with any questions, feedback or concerns at You can download the suggested weekly timetable as a pdf, or view it below.

Suggested weekly timetable and activities for P7 ~ Mon 25th – Fri 29th May

Mon 25thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Writing: Weekly Diary or “Letter from Lockdown” activity (in jotter or on paper)Personal Project  12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)French: Dans la chambre (Google Classroom)Art & Design: Free expression Create anything you want!Maths: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom
Tues 26th   NB Chess Club 3pmPhysical ActivitySpelling ~ rhyming words: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Personal ProjectNumeracy & Maths: Problem Solving ~ Word  Problems &/or Place Value &/or Maths Pack ActivityEmotional Check-in via Google Chat: GUPS P7 roomSciences: Mrs Mann will post in Google ClassroomReading for pleasure
Wed 27thPhysical ActivitySpelling ~ grammar: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Numeracy & Maths: Problem Solving ~ Word  Problems &/or Place Value &/or Maths Pack ActivityPersonal Project12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)RME: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom“Wonder of the Week” (in yellow jotter or Google Classroom)   
Thurs 28thPhysical Activity: Mr Berrett (Google Classroom)Spelling ~ prefixes & suffixes: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)UNCRC “Article of the week” (Google Classroom)Personal Project12noon Virtual Transition ~ Meet the GUHS PSAs! (Class Video Meeting)Gaelic: Mrs James will post in Google ClassroomMaths: Mrs James will post in Google Classroom 
Fri 29thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Dictations (mild/spicy/hot) (Google Classroom)10:30 Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)Profiling: What stuck with me this week? (Term 4 week 7)Numeracy: Place Value (Google Classroom) &/or Maths Pack ActivityFree Writing Friday (in jotter, on paper, Book Creator or Google Doc, could also include “Letter from Lockdown” activity.)Reading for pleasure &/or Personal Project 

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