Welcome Back P7!

As it is the first week back, we’ve kept the options quite “light” this week. As always, they can be completed in any order to suit you. Please check the “Family Learning” section of the school website for additional activities / ideas.

The times of Google Hangout Video Calls have changed to 12noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. P7 pupils have been emailed an invitation (Gmail accounts) and the links are also in their P7 Google Classroom.

Suggested activities for Week 1:

Tuesday 14thPhysical ActivityGoogle Chat: GUPS P7Writing:Diary (jotter)French: find out 3 facts about how Easter is celebrated in France then complete a Duolingo activity.Science: Mrs Mann will post in Google Classroom
Wednesday 15thPhysical ActivityGoogle Hangout Video CallReading for pleasureNumeracy: 1. “Rapid Recall” or “Split Pack” to practise times tables 2. ActiveLearn or Education City
Thursday 16thPhysical Activity: Mr Berrett will post in Google ClassroomGoogle Hangout Video CallReading for pleasureNumeracy: 1. “Rapid Recall” or “Split Pack” to practise times tables.Gaelic: Duolingo Challenge
Friday 17thPhysical ActivityGoogle Chat: GUPS P7Writing: Free Writing (jotter)Numeracy: 1. “Rapid Recall” or “Split Pack” to practise times tables. 2. Miss Mullin will post an additional activity on Google Classroom.ICT: Book Creator (Miss Mullin will post in Google Classroom.)

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Back P7!

  1. Welcome back Miss Mullin, Mrs James and Mrs Laird (and everyone else!). We have already been on the chat this morning and had a chat about what the children could be doing. As I am working from home it should be easy enough to keep on top of the tasks but getting out of bed this morning for both Alba and Ross was a huge challenge! We will try to get to bed earlier but 2 weeks off has taken it’s toll as normal…….great to see you all back even if only virtual!


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