Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

We have now been closed for a week and we hope all our families are doing okay and adapting to their new routines and situations. I’ve had check-ins with some of the older children through Google Meet and we’ve been meeting each morning as a staff in this way to catch up. This has been […]

Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

1 thought on “Checking-in — 2019/20 ~ News

  1. Hello

    The answers to the questions are in the box below.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Have a good easter 🐣.


    > How is it going for you and your family? > Ivan has been getting on well. We’ve worked on being flexible. Ivan has enjoyed keeping in touch with friends on the chromebook. > > How have you found the work set this week? > Ivan has been able to work through the tasks each day in a way that suits him. He liked working with Rory on a few things that they could do together. Education city hasn’t worked a couple of times but he used Active Learn instead. Maths worksheets might be good as another option. I tried to get some stuff off Twinkle for free but couldn’t get it to work. Ivan likes the class check in on google meets.

    >> >

    > >  >


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