P7 Home Learning Tasks

These are suggested activities, agreed by P7 yesterday.  They wanted a mixture of tasks which are close to our weekly routine and don’t rely totally on technology all week.  We agreed that they could do each day’s tasks in any order, and that whatever you say is the priority for the day comes first!  I think they have done a great job!

Keep Checking the P7 Google Classroom (classwork section) for more detailed instructions and resources.

I will post a more detailed timetable for next week here on Monday 23rd March.

All the very best to you and your families,

And an elbow bump to all my P7s,

Miss Mullin

suggested duration30 mins45-60 mins45-60 mins45-60 mins45-60 mins
  Thursday  Maths Pack (game of your choice)Physical Activity (see Go Noodle! Link on Google Classroom)Maths (Please work on Education City classwork)Reading (Please read one of your allocated books on “Epic” – see Google Classroom for instructions) Or read a book for pleasure!Gaelic (Duolingo challenge – link for Duolingo Gaelic class is on Google Classroom)
  Friday  Free Writing (jotter/paper)Maths (Please work on Active Learn tasks)Profiling (on Google Drive) – What stuck with me this week? (Term 3 Week 11) – End of Term Profile – Term 3 – Complete Learner’s Statement of Success      Physical Activity (see Go Noodle! Link on Google Classroom) 

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