Jammin Fitness #2

Today P6 & P7 continued their work with Andy McKechnie on leadership and dance. We finished the day by presenting a “showcase” to the rest of the school.

He explained how athletes focus on little improvements in lots of areas, “marginal gains” in order to improve. This ties in with the “can’t do it…yet” approach that growth mindset promotes.

Andy explained how visualisation and positivity can work together to encourage success. We role played the applause at the end of the showcase before we started to prepare it!

Our showcase performance used imagery from different Olympics & Paralympics over recent years. There were so many different dance genres included: Kopeira, disco, flamenco, Japanese drumming, hip hop, to name a few.

Andy got us to think about how to plan dance activities for other classes. We will have to think about safety and make sure the teams support and pay attention to each other.

He explained the “Halo effect” of using a movie or a sport to theme your dance, as this helps people to remember the moves better. He also suggested ways to include Gaelic language in the instructions too.


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