11th – 15th May

Last Thursday, 19 of the P7s joined us for our first virtual transition event with Mr Humphris. I will update this blog (as well as Google Classroom) as soon as the details of the next virtual event are confirmed.

As ever, please remember that these are SUGGESTIONS. Feel free to do as much or as little as circumstances allow. On Google Classroom there is a short question for the pupils to answer about how much work I am setting each week. I would also welcome the P7 parents to share their views with me too. If you have particular comments or suggestions to make, or questions to ask, regarding the amount of work set or any particular tasks, please email me at: Kirstine.Mullin@glenurquharthigh.org.uk

Suggested weekly timetable and activities for P7 ~ Mon 11th – Fri 15th May

Mon 11thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Writing: Weekly Diary (in jotter or on paper)Core Reading (Giglets)    12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)French Culture Assignment (Google Classroom)Expressive Arts ~ Free Expression (share a photo via Google Drive)Maths: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom
Tues 12thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Social Studies/Literacy: Personal ProjectNumeracy: Money &/or Maths Pack ActivityEmotional Check-in via Google Chat: GUPS P7 roomSciences: Mrs Mann will post in Google ClassroomReading for pleasure 
Wed 13thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)Maths: Logic Problems (Sudoku) &/or Maths Pack ActivityCore Reading (Giglets)12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)RME: Mrs McLean will post in Google Classroom“Wonder of the Week” (in yellow jotter or Google Classroom)   
Thurs 14thPhysical Activity: Mr Berrett (Google Classroom)Spelling: Mild, Spicy or Hot (Google Classroom)“Right of the Week” (see school website)Core Reading (Giglets)12noon Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)Gaelic: Mrs James will post in Google ClassroomMaths: Mrs James will post in Google Classroom 
Fri 15thPhysical ActivitySpelling: Dictations (mild/spicy/hot) (Google Classroom)10:30 Emotional Check-in (Class Video Meeting)Profiling: What stuck with me this week? (Term 4 week 5)Numeracy: Place Value Revision (Google Classroom) &/or Maths Pack ActivityFree Writing Friday (in jotter, on paper, Book Creator or Google Doc)Social Studies/Literacy: Personal Project &/or Reading for pleasure 


1 thought on “11th – 15th May

  1. Thanks for this Alba is finding work levels good and manages to complete tasks so if anything I would say give her more…..her choice would be art or science though!


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