Leavers Hoodies

Due to my husband working in Drumnadrochit today, he was able to deliver many of the leavers hoodies as a wee surprise for P7s today. Don’t worry if you didn’t get yours – those he was unable to deliver today have been posted and you should receive them in the next few days. A few of you have been in touch about the apple green hoody and I know this looks slightly different from the sheet. Unfortunately, we have no control over this and I have fed this back to the supplier. We are also unable to order more or different ones due to them going through in a batch specific for our school.

I hope you get some fun from wearing them, even if it is around the house. I’d love for you to send me a photo of you wearning them so that I could create a wee gallery for your blog page as a reminder too. My email is kerrie.laird@glenurquharthigh.org.uk


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