6.3.20 “Pirates of the Curry Bean” Enterprise

By Rory

“This week we’ve been working on our Pirates of the Curry Bean Enterprise and everyone is involved in different teams.

The marketing team has been working on an advertising poster.  This will be ready to go on display on Monday (9th.)

The ticketing team has been busy designing the tickets for each performance, with a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) to keep track of the number of tickets sold for each one.  Some people were very busy delivering receipts today. The lottery for third tickets will take place next week!

The fundraising team has been working on the raffle and competitions (Guess the name of the teddy and the number of sweets in the jar) and deciding on what the prizes will be.

The costumes and props team are busy making, painting and sewing as many costumes and props as possible, as well as trying to source some from our families and the community.  The Highland Council cleaning department is lending us lots of mops!”

Miss Mullin says: “And none of this could happen without all the hard work and support from every single grown up in the school too!

Merci beaucoup!”


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