4.2.20 Hearing Awareness

On Tuesday afternoon we had a fascinating afternoon with Mrs Mackay, Peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf, and her colleague Ms Bruce, Electronic Notetaker.

Mrs Mackay showed us a special music video to help us to understand what the different types of hearing loss actually mean.

We also watched a video about an award winning primary school teacher who is deaf.

We had a go at lipreading and realised how difficult it is, especially if you don’t know the context and if people aren’t using gestures to help to give the meaning.

We had a discussion about the importance of asking clarification questions if you don’t quite catch the whole instruction, or don’t understand the meaning of what has been said. Mrs Mackay is going to visit us again to do so more work on asking these types of questions, and to help us consider noise reduction in our classroom.

The whole afternoon really made us think about how we can communicate more effectively with our friends and families, especially with those who have hearing loss.

We look forward to welcoming back Mrs Mackay and Ms Bruce later this term.


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