Working with archaeologists

On Wednesday 20th November, P7 spent most of the morning working with Nicky MacLennan (Assistant Community Development Officer, Soirbheas) Eve Boyle (Communities Liaison Manager, HES) and Dr Nicky Imrie (Training Officer, Scotland’s Urban Past, HES.)

We went to see if we could spot the Lady’s Well, close to the Grant Memorial site. We also investigated the old gated entrance to Balmacaan Estate. The discussion throughout our walk was really interesting, and P7 asked a number of impressive questions of the 2 archaeologists. We discussed population density and land use and compared and contrasted burial traditions across the globe!

On our travels, we found 2 pots left on lampposts. It was a bit of a mystery!

Once back in school, we did some map work, worked on the MyCanmore photo archive, and pieced together a very complex family tree!

Huge thanks to Nicky, Eve and Nicky for a fascinating morning. 🙂


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