History and Heritage Careers Interviews

As part of our mini-topic on jobs involving history and heritage, P7 have been conducting research interviews over the last 9 days. I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from individuals and employers. So far 15 people have taken part. Many of them have come into school to be interviewed face-to-face and others have given up their time for telephone interviews. We have 3 interviews scheduled for next week too.

This has been a valuable and inspiring experience for all the P7s. It has been a great way to combine listening, talking, research, and note-taking under pressure. It has helped the P7s to make links between the skills they learn and practise at school and jobs and careers (that they might not have even been aware of) in the outside world!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far:

Calum Johnstone, Stonemason
Nicky MacLennan, Assistant Community Development Officer ~ Soirbheas
Alison Tanner, Historic Building Conservation Officer ~ Inverness Townscape Heritage Project
Liz English, Curator (Large object collections) ~ Highland Folk Museum
Tom Nelson, Drystone dyker & stonemason ~ Self employed
Shona MacDonald, Company Secretary & Office Manager ~ Jon Hearach Memorials Ltd
George McBurnie, Project Manager ~ Scottish Canals
Gill Bird, Education & Outreach Officer ~ The Highlanders Museum
David Christison, Works Manager ~ Historic Environment Scotland
Katie McGaan, Planning Resources Manager ~ Historic Environment Scotland
Andrew Bowman, Apprentice Stonemason ~ Historic Environment Scotland
Jade More, Apprentice Joiner ~ Historic Environment Scotland
Jennifer Johnstone, Archivist ~ Highland Archive Centre
Lorna Steele, Community Engagement Officer ~ Highland Archive Centre
Ian McWhirr, Building Services Officer (Urquhart Castle) ~ Historic Environment Scotland

Special thanks to Nicky MacLennan for linking us with so many different organisations. 🙂

Pupil presentations will follow in a week or so…


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