Our partner school in France

Today we received our first communication from our partner school in France. It is called “Renaudel A.” It is a primary school in Montrouge, which is on the southern outskirts of Paris.

Renaudel A has 220 pupils in 9 classes, but 4 of them will join in with our twinning project. P7 has been matched up with Madame Foe-Ayida’s CM2 class (10 year olds.)

There are 7 primary schools in Montrouge, including Renaudel A and Renaudel B!

To find out more about Montrouge, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montrouge

This morning, we prepared short introductions in French and English, which Miss Mullin filmed.

Next week, Miss Mullin is going to visit our partner school and will show the video clips to Madame Foe-Ayida’s CM2 class.


2 thoughts on “Our partner school in France

  1. Sounds fantastic….a whole class trip with parents maybe!!! Would be nice but I am sure video conference or skype would be more cost effective. Have a great trip Miss Mullin.


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