Loch Insh Day 2

This morning, we learned how to windsurf and practised on a simulator on dry land. We had to recall lots of new vocabulary and sequence several steps. We coached each other – there are definitely some outdoors instructors in the making in our class!

The wind dropped once we all had our wetsuits on, so we ended up doing a bit of paddleboarding instead.

After lunch, the Lions went mountain biking whilst the Tigers were taught to ski by James. We found skiing a real physical challenge and we were all exhausted by the end! It was great to see so many P7s persevering despite all the falls. Many of them challenged themselves to attempt the ski jump at the end of the session!

The Lions had a great time mountain biking with Miss MacDonald, Mrs Laird, Richie and Jess.

In the evening, the Lions and the Tigers competed against each other to make, and build a raft. Some of them were able to recall the knot tying skills they learned with Sandra in Craigmonie Woodland. P7 worked well within their teams throughout the task, coaching and encouraging each other. They ended up racing in dim light!


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